Making a start

I have done sketches, and thought a while about how I want my puppet to look, but I am impatient to get on with the physical making of her.
I had an old papier mâché head that I made years ago,so I have used that as a beginning. The head will be re-painted as it is pretty awful .
I started by sewing and stuffing a body made from calico,and then because I don’t want such a smooth texture, I have covered it all in wrinkly tissue. I am treating this attempt as a sketch although if it goes well I will move on to another puppet.
I must remember to take more progress shots too……image


2 responses to “Making a start

  1. what a creative process! the body is very clever… my husband is learning some woodworking, and i’m thinking to have the head be wooden, with a metal mask that i would make (with jewelry-making tools), but i think the puppet might be easier to move around (and lighter) if i make the body as you have, with cloth and paper…
    you really just jumped right on it! and the puppet you made is amazing! are you still working on its motion? will you post video?

    • Thank you! The body idea was taken from Clive’s Jane Seyes puppet, and I chose it because I had an idea I would be sewing things onto it. I absolutely love the idea of a metal mask! Such an exciting idea..I look forward to seeing where you take it .
      I will try and video my puppet when she is finished 🙂

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