Something more like I imagine my puppet

Something more like I imagine my puppet

My sketch of a wolfman has thrown up all sorts of questions. I find that I am not happy with the ‘disneyfied’ version of a wolfman figure, and my sketch has fallen into that trap. He is just not raw enough, no edge. After doing a bit of a google search I found the sort of thing I am after, these figures have the sort of power I am after in my puppet.
Drawing has helped me with how the head and shoulders will fit onto the human body, but now I think I am going to go ahead and try to get the head I am after by going straight to making it, maybe some small maquettes to start…….

2 responses to “Wolfman.

  1. What a great link to Charles Freger’s work. Thank you for that. And I think your Wolf is looking splendid. He’ll make a great companion to the Snow Queen. All that fearsomely-fanged hot-bloodedness as a contrast to her goose-bump chill!

  2. I do think I spend too much time on the Internet , but then I come across things that I may not have found otherwise …Charles Fregers work has just given me a little more of an idea of how to capture my wolf 🙂

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