Small beginnings


I have made two heads, small ones that I will make into glove puppets. The first I made with a hinged jaw, it can be worked by the finger inside the head but it’s a little awkward so may need a rod to activate it. The second head is a little larger and is a standard glove puppet head size. My idea is to make a much larger head eventually but these have been something to keep me occupied until I can really settle back into my studio.
My broken shoulder has healed and just needs me to be a little more active to loosen up, I have bought a new car so I can be independent once again…2014 is hopefully going to be a lot less restricted than the last quarter of 2013….. I cannot express how pleased I am to be able to get back to my studio….

4 responses to “Small beginnings

  1. Great to see your wolf (wolves!) beginning to take shape. You sure as hell are stealing a march on us all with the speed at which you’ve undertaken this Artlog challenge. Well done.

    Love the smart new blog livery too. Black is great for making the images sing!

    • Thanks Clive,these little puppets are fun and I have had time to get into the swing of it, but real life will take over again soon now that I am more mobile. I am hoping to get a larger puppet on the go soon though…. Something with a bit more snap ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. i am sorry about your shoulder! i am glad it is healing up, the rest of us with no injuries are so far behind you, i am embarrassed ๐Ÿ˜€
    i love how your puppets are coming together, you are a professional!

    • Thank you! My shoulder is much better and I can now get on with making a proper mess…. I am really looking forward to making my bigger puppet , not huge as I am still making it a hand puppet but bigger than these little heads….

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