Wily fox



I am working on another animal…Fox the trickster.
Again it’s a hand puppet, but the head is bigger than mine…I saw a post on Clive Hicks Jenkins blog where there were large puppets with people dressed in black holding various parts of the puppet, so I thought I would give it a try……this may be step too far at the moment for my level of experience/skill, but I will work on the head and see whether I will just keep it as a mask…..
The more that I find out about puppets and puppet making the more I want to try so many things… 🙂

2 responses to “Wily fox

  1. Ha! I’m exactly the same Lynne, just wanting to do more and more! You’re way ahead though. I was thinking larger and with one controllable arm next time.. and more materials and textures. Look forward to seeing this Fox emerge.

    • It’s great fun, and very addictive. I’m always thinking about how to make these puppets . My fall back is glove puppet but I am going to have a go at marionette too .This fox is giving me a lot to think about…what clothes it will wear etc . It will be very interesting to see what we have all come up with ….. 🙂

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