Wolf dressed as Grandma

Dressed in grandmas clothes

Dressed in grandmas clothes

The wolf dressed as grandma is on the last stretch…. There will be proper stringing and some sort of footwear soon but at the moment I feel like a break from puppets. I have primed some canvases, cleared away all the newspaper and glue and have got my painting head on…. 🙂

5 responses to “Wolf dressed as Grandma

  1. Love this elegant, Cerberus-headed, cross-dressing and be-dentured beast that walks on two legs. There’s real swank in the posture, a deep-south girlishness redolent of the creations of Tennessee Williams. This wolf looks like he’d ‘swish’ divinely, which is not something you usually get to say about wolves.

    • Thank you! The Wolf has a dainty turn of foot at the moment, I am thinking I may have to make some orthopaedic shoes to make him less ‘twirly’. I am reasonably pleased with how he turned out….my woodworking skill will be tested with the cross bar and stringing next 🙂

      • Please don’t cover up those dancer’s feet. When a puppet has as much character as this one, you don’t want to lose any of the stuff that makes it work so brilliantly. And believe me, those feet WORK!

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