New series of drawings

I tend to work in series….I get totally taken up by a subject and then work until I bore myself silly. This seasons fascination is with insects….beetles mostly. I am working in two accordion fold books, one with watercolours and the other one I am filling with drawn images…..where it will all go next I not sure… I would like it to lead on to paintings but I will have to wait and see.image



5 responses to “New series of drawings

  1. wow, i really love these! both ‘styles’ are wonderful, and i’m intrigued by the accordion-book style. strangely enough, i am obsessing over botanical books right now, and just discovered maria sybilla merian’s works, which were of insects on their food source–she was a big contributor to the study of caterpillar-to-butterfly metamorphoses…
    *these* are really, really lovely!

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