Cornish holiday week




Last week I had a holiday in Cornwall .It was blustery and sometimes freezing cold, we managed to get out and do some sketching though, and took along a thick fleece blanket for our very patient little dog.
I have put up 3 sketches that I did in my large moleskine sketchbook….the paper hates wet media but just about tolerates a quick swipe with a brush pen without leaking through. I really like the paper for my favourite faber castel pencils, and my recently discovered cretacolor Nero … They both have a waxiness I find pleasing.

My husband has recently taken up art…he favours oil pastels,is really against the idea of sketching and will take approx 2 hours on a rushed En plein air piece. I take my sketchbook and various brush pens, favourite pencils….he takes a crate on wheels filled with all of his just in case art materials. I like having company when sketching, but find the sitting around waiting for him to finish quite frustrating…I draw everything around me while I wait but I also find that I tend to overwork my own sketches … Sigh… I wonder how everyone else finds their balance when out with others..

3 responses to “Cornish holiday week

    • Thank you! I think I was a little frustrated that I hadn’t done more….. Plus I really enjoy work that is done in a looser style and try to achieve that myself 🙂

  1. Beautiful sketches. I don’t feel they’re overworked, though I know that niggle all too well.

    The page fold in the centre seems to add to them somewhat – goes without saying, perhaps, but does it make them more ‘storybook’, or maybe more sequential? I’m not sure, but it’s an intriguing element. Lovely stuff.

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