A little while ago I saw an advert pinned to a notice board near my local shop. A lady had a large number of dolls for sale, so I thought I might take a look. I was invited into her home to look at her dolls…. Lots of dolls…she had collected them over her married life and they were over all the areas that could support them. They were hideous sickly sweet ‘ Victorian’ little girl dolls and she loved them. The lady was selling the duplicates of her collection to help get the number of dolls down because her husband had had enough! I bought 3 of the dolls, not because I wanted them, but because I would have been embarrassed at leaving without anything…. They were £3 each or 3 for £10…. I did query the price but she was firm that the price was correct… 🙂
I have had these dolls for a while and I really dislike their golden curls, their frilly clothes but felt unable to touch them , but this week I have had the urge to make something, so I made a new head. Phew, it feels so good to replace the golden curls with some raggedy ears and big teeth. One down ,two more to go.

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