The Old Familiar

I have been told my images are lovely, but a little spooky … My framer says she couldn’t live with them.

so, I tried to make a friendlier image, just because… This is what I came up with, which honestly I find spookier than the others. 🙂


2 responses to “The Old Familiar

  1. Hi Lynne, mm, spookier, and magical too, I love it, the shapes across the creature’s body are beautiful, the smile enigmatic…
    By the way, I’m doing a post of part of a ‘blog around the world’ project – you write a post about your current work, then pass it on to another artist who does the same, who passes it on etc. let me know if you’d be interested and have time to do the post after me, it’s coming up on the 16th March. I’ll send you the details if you are free – no worries if not, I know pele are busy enough! Cheers. Phil

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