The shop window




At long last I have managed to get my little window display into the shop. Just in time for Easter . I put my little dolls and puppets in a festive grouping with fake flowers and bunting , a childs tea set and crows on ladders.

It was a strange experience, perhaps a little like giving a puppet show. I was invisible it seemed, people would stop and look at the arrangement as I was doing it but not look at me. I felt a little god-like πŸ™‚ or just the invisible old woman that I am ….

I was expecting indifference to the display, it’s not very large or demanding, but I was surprised to get comments like awful, and, disgusting. Disgusting!?! Well there are many things I would call disgusting, but my poor little dolls are surely not that.

Hidden by my general invisibility and a small screen I watched as women were angry at how ugly the dolls were, saying its a shame to upset children, the false teeth rabbits and the deformed crow were disgusting and what on earth was the point of such an ugly display!

I was so surprised at the reaction I apologised to the shop owner , who hadn’t vetted the content beforehand , and said I was worried there would be complaints. She said she hoped there would be, and even a brick through the window would be interesting…. Good publicity for the shop πŸ™‚

i have since lurked on the corner to watch the reaction, men with small children laugh out loud, some solitary women take their time looking, and old couples glance and humph as they rush past …. It has been fun , I would love to do it again.

the photos are bad, I forgot about the glass and reflections, but I will take better shots before I take it down.

8 responses to “The shop window

  1. Lynne, huge well done, the window looks fantastic; that tea party of dolls and the portraits hanging behind is so bold, gothic, lively and playful I’m not surprised people noticed πŸ™‚ I wish I was in the UK, I’d love to take a closer look, it would go down a storm here in Berlin, I know that! When people are critical because you’re not doing a certain type of ‘nice’ you know you’re doing something right. You’ve created a magical, totally captivating little world there, bravo!


    • πŸ™‚ Thank you for the encouragement Phil, I have to admit to laughing out loud at some of the comments.
      I suspect that it would be very tame indeed for Berlin, you must be seeing some great stuff really quite envious πŸ˜‰

  2. I think the window looks great – some people just want what they ‘know’; they can’t get their heads around ‘out of the ordinary’ – so glad the shop owner had the right attitude! Congratulations!

    • Thanks , I did a bit more skulking around today, and a few people were finding it funny which is great. The shop owner has been handing out my cards, mostly to students who seem to find it interesting …

  3. Good for the shop owner. The window looks magnificent!

    One thing is sure, people will always respond differently, though the ones who so easily take umbrage must find negotiating the world very difficult indeed. Clearly no sense of humour.

    I’m in the process of trying to nurse through a commission for an ‘artwork’ that will appear in a public space. The comments of ‘those who will have to approve it’ are really interesting. I shall have to send you a letter now, explaining. I think you’ll be amused.

    • Thanks Clive, people always surprise me when they talk about my art and what they see in it. I really don’t see it as dark as it appears to others, in fact I worry that I find them so amusing.
      I did read the comments book at your exhibition and found myself quite angry at one woman’s comments, but there you go, we put the work out there and then it is up to the viewer always ….
      Btw, sorry not to reply to your comments sooner, I forgot / lost my password and lost the will to carry on with the blog. My mood has improved a little now, one of those blips we all go through maybe πŸ™‚

  4. PS. I think in this case it’s the subversive nature of what you’ve done that has unnerved the unwary. They expect yellow fluffy ducks and cute rabbits, and you’ve undermined expectation by your Easter Bunny from the Dark Side!

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