Studio visit

This weekend I had an email requesting a studio visit. The lady had been to a local restaurant where I hang my work and had bought a painting. Both she and her friend would love to see more of my work at the studio if they could.
I went in to meet them and they had a look through all of my work. They asked to see larger / smaller work, did I have any blue/grey paintings? Abstract? Boats? In the end they chose 3 paintings that they liked ( I even split a diptych) and asked if I could hold on to them while they spent some time in town as they were just visiting and wanted to have a look around. The woman who had bought a painting the previous evening asked if I would mind if she swapped the one she had chosen for another she had seen there as it would go so well with the one she had just seen and that they would pop back to the restaurant now and change/collect her purchase.
I waited all afternoon, they didn’t comeback and a call to the restaurant told me that she hadn’t taken any painting at all…..
I had an email late afternoon to say sorry, they had changed their mind.
I’m not sure what was going on, was it an afternoons entertainment, a bit of buyers remorse after perhaps a little too much wine? All I know is I felt a little foolish and embarrassed … Had they decided not to buy anything at all because they hadn’t liked me, or that all of my work seen together just dispirited them? Ridiculous I know, but it was a very strange day.

On another note… Researching information on my mothers dementia, memory problems in general, I was reminded of Odins ravens Huginn( thought) and Muninn ( memory) and had a try at a painting. I have paired it with the painting I tripped over when I broke my shoulder…I think I have found the seeds of a new batch of paintings. What a very strange few days it has been 🙂

Another Denizen of my fantasy forest

The latest painting. Acrylic on canvas.

I find myself looking through records of old work and surprising myself with how little my themes / motifs have changed over the years, and I mean years. I first went to art school to study graphics in 1970. My portfolio from those early years contained many images which I consider to have the same seeds of ideas that I work with now. I read fairytale, folklore, mythology etc and clearly its where my interests lie. Its interesting to me that life and two goes at art education ( I returned to university to do fine art when the kids were grown) have not shaken my need to paint the subjects I do.  The paintings that I make with these influences have never been the ones that sell and have become something of a guilty pleasure as in my head I hear my tutors telling me to do something more worthy, have better content , less decorative etc.

As my latest works gather around me in the studio I find great pleasure in their company. I find no need to explain away why they are here any more, I am just grateful that I have the time and resources to continue making the art I do … I am very lucky 🙂

A protector of forest creatures

A protector of forest creatures

Two more recent paintings

Acrylic on canvas. The medium affect how they turn out. I may overwork the acrylic paintings, I find myself getting quite tight and wanting to keep adding to them. The white doll was my model for this painting and the blue lion is going to have to be my next papier mâché creation I think.



It’s been a while but I am still working

I am still working away. I go to my studio every day, sometimes just sitting and thinking. I try and make some sort of mark, do a bit of drawing or making and I find the little monsters are still with me .

image  image imageimage

These four were made as a loosening up exercise , along with quite a few less successful ones, they amuse me so I have framed them.


Then I did another beasty painting, which inspired another papier mâché creation. It’s all going somewhere, I’m just not sure where 🙂