Another Denizen of my fantasy forest

The latest painting. Acrylic on canvas.

I find myself looking through records of old work and surprising myself with how little my themes / motifs have changed over the years, and I mean years. I first went to art school to study graphics in 1970. My portfolio from those early years contained many images which I consider to have the same seeds of ideas that I work with now. I read fairytale, folklore, mythology etc and clearly its where my interests lie. Its interesting to me that life and two goes at art education ( I returned to university to do fine art when the kids were grown) have not shaken my need to paint the subjects I do.  The paintings that I make with these influences have never been the ones that sell and have become something of a guilty pleasure as in my head I hear my tutors telling me to do something more worthy, have better content , less decorative etc.

As my latest works gather around me in the studio I find great pleasure in their company. I find no need to explain away why they are here any more, I am just grateful that I have the time and resources to continue making the art I do … I am very lucky 🙂

A protector of forest creatures

A protector of forest creatures

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