Houses on our minds

Here is a photo of my husbands latest creation. He doesn’t really consider them as dollhouses, the rooms lift out as containers/drawers for something, but the room are not set up to play with dolls in.

houses are figuring greatly in our lives, the paintings , the dollhouses and my mothers dementia. Mums house was sold when she went into care. It exists in her memory of course, and she roams around it mentally everyday, but the home / house itself no longer exists. My sister found that her house has been demolished and two new buildings have gone up in its place. Chilling. To think that it is no longer a place she can return to other than her memory ( and ours). There seems to be some sort of metaphor between my mothers closed off rooms, no longer for playing / living in, and my husbands latest creation, but honestly I find it too difficult to elaborate on…

love the dollshouse though. He is a very clever man 🙂



Another house themed painting. Walls and neighbours ( good fences make good neighbours is the saying I had in mind). There may be more house themed paintings on the way, but I am going to try and develop them a bit further away from recent events.


A safer place

Trying to avoid mentally putting myself in my mothers emotional places of peril. To that end I imagined a safer more enveloping space. It turned out dark again though. Making this piece was a little like building with blocks, adding,subtracting,balancing and engrossing. I feel it’s a little clunky but totally took my attention whilst I was making it, which is just what I needed 🙂


No smoke without fire


I think I may take a little break from paintings about mums condition, I am finding it such an all enveloping situation that i have got a little exhausted by it. I have many more paintings just waiting to come out, but I will let them percolate for a little while.



Latest painting about my mother.

Mum lives in a fluctuating state of fear, she worries about me, or my dogs being in accidents. She worries about having responsibility for others which is a burden to her. Some months ago she was worried about how to evacuate the home in case of fire. On one occasion ( there have been quite a few others) she called the fire brigade as there were moths on fire floating around and was very frightened that they would set the home on fire and no-one was listening to her…. One example of her visual hallucinations being very real to her.

We have had to change her phone to one that only accepts calls at the request of the emergency services


These two paintings are still about my mothers Dementia. She has Lewey Bodies dementia, which means she has auditory and visual hallucinations . Currently she is seeing places she has lived overlapping the place she lives now. Which means she is constantly lost, and finds her way barred by objects that shouldn’t be there, her world is fractured and unfamiliar. I’m not trying to paint her experiences, just really offloading my emotions on to canvas…image