Latest painting about my mother.

Mum lives in a fluctuating state of fear, she worries about me, or my dogs being in accidents. She worries about having responsibility for others which is a burden to her. Some months ago she was worried about how to evacuate the home in case of fire. On one occasion ( there have been quite a few others) she called the fire brigade as there were moths on fire floating around and was very frightened that they would set the home on fire and no-one was listening to her…. One example of her visual hallucinations being very real to her.

We have had to change her phone to one that only accepts calls at the request of the emergency services

6 responses to “Moths

  1. I like this painting, on first seeing it the ‘fire’ moths appear quite magical. But after reading your post they then became more sinister; it must be quite horrible to have those kind of hallucinations. It is interesting how you are taking, what must be a very worrying and wearing time for you and your family, taking these experiences and emotions and transforming them into paint. Thank you for sharing.

    • It is my way of trying to understand a tiny part of what mum is feeling by trying to capture how I would feel and expressing it, I’m not a good enough artist to do it well, but I can only do what I can do … It is a worrying time, we feel helpless, but it’s a truly terrifying time for her, and so sad. So many people are going through a similar experience it’s tragic.

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