Another house themed painting. Walls and neighbours ( good fences make good neighbours is the saying I had in mind). There may be more house themed paintings on the way, but I am going to try and develop them a bit further away from recent events.


8 responses to “Neighbours

  1. Lynne, what a fabulous piece of work! Very pleasing to the eye and full of fascinating detail. After 14 years of lovely neighbours (various ones) we now have some pretty ghastly ones so that maxim about good fences hits home!

    What are you painting on? I only ask because at the moment I am painting on foam sheets and some of the textures look similar. And may I ask what paint you use?

    Great admiration from here!

    Shellie x

    • Oh how good neighbours make all the difference to ones life, I hope things improve for you….

      Thank you Shellie, I’m pleased you like the painting, I find it rather jolly considering the mood I’m in when I paint them, but that is part of the wonder of art making isn’t it šŸ™‚
      I have used acrylic on thick cartridge paper for this one, and then some passages of neocolour waxy crayons.
      Foam sheets sound very interesting , and also frustrating … The dents and scratches the surface must get as you work on it could be very interesting. A fragile surface and object in the end? Or do you mount it on something firmer to prevent breakage?

      • I initially worked on the foam to stop myself ‘overworking’ images and have now become captivated by it! I use the craft foam sheets with a sticky peel off back and stick the completed image onto a painted board background – I like the 3D effect. Yes, making indentations into the foam then adding another thin layer of paint makes some interesting effects. Good to get out of my comfort zone with new bits and pieces!

      • That sounds like a very interesting process. It’s wonderful how we connect with something that just feels ‘right’ . Yes being in a comfort zone is not really very satisfying, challenging oneself regardless of outcome whether it works or it doesn’t is very refreshing …
        I can’t seem to link to your wordpress page, do you have somewhere I could see your work?

      • My current website is but it’s YEARS out of date *blush*. I’m now trying to change it to a WordPress one but am having difficulties with the domain name (even though I own it!). You can see some work there and if you contact me via the contact link I can send you some pictures of the current foam experiments if you’d like to see them! I also have a WordPress blog with Adrienne Craddock – we’re working on some projects together. That one is (weird name….Adrienne chose it!!)

    • Thanks for the links Shellie , I googled your images too šŸ™‚ .
      I love the small boxes that you and Adrienne are working on. Your works compliment each other, and I like the contrast between her clay / hard and your fabric / soft . There is something very captivating about viewing work that is smaller, more intimate … It makes the viewer focus more towards the work and less on the general impact. You possibly get more time per view than a large impact piece…..
      As to out of date websites, it takes so much time keeping them updated and perhaps we use that time making work … I have a very very neglected website which I won’t link to, it’s too sad… šŸ™‚

  2. I’m just loving the recent house and home themed images Lynne. Powerful paintings, they can feel so different depending on what mood I’m in when I look at them, they’re very rich with layers of meaning and memories for me.

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