Framing and painting

I have been going through all of my old paintings trying to be ruthless . Any that I feel are weak or that I have been half hearted or not fully engaged with I have been painting over or chopping up. It has made a little space in the studio and I have some refreshed canvases to paint on.

Some work I have decided to have framed, but properly, not my previous IKEA attempts. I think that some of my disatisfaction with my work is how sad it looked in frames that didn’t quite fit ( note to self to make some work that is a standard size , as some of these frames are actually quite nice ).

Here is a small horse approx A4 acrylic on canvas which satisfies my love of over decorated surface. Not a brilliant piece but it pleases me now it is framed.


And this weeks painting is done over a disastrous painting of a cat that I painted for a restaurant owner who wanted a series of them … Not one sold, so I got them back and I’m painting what I want to paint and I am pleased to be rid of the cats just hanging around the studio .





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