Jean Factotum


This is a painting about a monkey, Jean Factotum . He was owned  by a nobleman who as an experiment had Jeans hand cut off. The nobleman had a pair of silver hands made for his pet to replace the ones he had cut off. Jean was then handed over to the housekeeper/cook to look after as the poor creature couldn’t do anything for himself. He was then reported to be a very naughty monkey, destructive and aggressive … can’t say I blame him.

I have lost all my notes on where I got this tale from, but I know I was very affected by his story.

I found this frame in a junk shop and have ‘refreshed’ it with some black oil paint, I am really pleased with how it suits the painting .

4 responses to “Jean Factotum

  1. Yes, that frame and the gorgeous painting were made for each other! I love that image….sad yet somehow proud at the same time. The transparent silver ‘gloves’ seem rich in the symbolism of being bereft of self determination. What a dreadful story….I’m not at all surprised that you were so affected and that it has stayed with you.

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