Wolf dressed as Grandma

Dressed in grandmas clothes

Dressed in grandmas clothes

The wolf dressed as grandma is on the last stretch…. There will be proper stringing and some sort of footwear soon but at the moment I feel like a break from puppets. I have primed some canvases, cleared away all the newspaper and glue and have got my painting head on…. 🙂

Eyes,ears,teeth part 3

Wolfy in progress

Wolfy in progress

Making the heads nod

The body is nice and solid paper mâché again, and I have made the limbs using the inner tubes from my dog poo bag rolls…..I always knew they would come in useful one day. The screws and eyelets holding the heads on give some movement but not too loose.

I have gone for one body, three arms, two legs, three heads. The puppet will be strung with 10lb strength fishing line. The heads move separately.
Arms and legs will be strung too….but I’m not sure how I am going to make the cross piece yet. there are small touches i want to add, a tail and some rough fur, and I think that he is going to be wearing grandmas clothes too.


While my fox head was drying I decided to make another small puppet. This one is based on the mermaid melusina, she is sometimes portrayed as serpent tailed, sometimes with a double tale ( it seems Starbucks have chosen her for their logo ) and sometimes as a mermaid with a single fish tail. I have chosen a single tail, which also means she could be used as an ordinary mermaid in any puppet show.Nearly finished

One Saturday, the old father inquired at dinner after his daughter-in-law. Raymond replied that she was not visible on Saturdays. Thereupon one of his brothers, drawing him aside, whispered that strange gossiping tales were about relative to this sabbath seclusion, and that it behoved him to inquire into it, and set the minds of people at rest. Full of wrath and anxiety, the count rushed off to the private apartments of the countess, but found them empty. One door alone was locked, and that opened into a bath. He looked through the keyhole, and to his dismay beheld her in the water, her lower extremities changed into the tail of a monstrous fish or serpent.
Silently he withdrew. No word of what he had seen passed his lips; it was not loathing that filled his heart, but anguish at the thought that by his fault he must lose the beautiful wife who had been the charm and glory of his life. Some time passed by, however, and Melusina gave no token of consciousness that she had been observed during the period of her transformation. But one day news reached the castle that Geoffry with the Tooth had attacked the monastery of Malliers, and burned it; and that in the flames had perished Freimund, with the abbot and a hundred monks. On hearing of this disaster, the poor father, in a paroxysm of misery, exclaimed, as Melusina approached to comfort him, “Away, odious serpent, contaminator of my honourable race!”
At these words she fainted; and Raymond, full of sorrow for having spoken thus intemperately, strove to revive her. When she came to herself again, with streaming tears she kissed and embraced him for the last time. “O husband!” she said, “I leave two little ones in their cradle; look tenderly after them, bereaved of their mother. And now farewell for ever! yet know that thou, and those who succeed thee, shall see me hover over this fair castle of Lusignan, whenever a new lord is to come.” And with a long wail of agony she swept from the window, leaving the impression of her foot on the stone she last touched.
The children in arms she had left were Dietrich and Raymond. At night, the nurses beheld a glimmering figure appear near the cradle of the babes, most like the vanished countess, but from her waist downwards terminating in a scaly fish-tail enamelled blue and white. At her approach the little ones extended their arms and smiled, and she took them to her breast and suckled them; but as the grey dawn stole in at the casement, she vanished, and the children’s cries told the nurses that their mother was gone.
Progress shots

I need to make a decent cross bar to hold the strings , and find out how to string her up to the best effect ( at the moment she is on crossed paintbrushes with rough parcel string )

Wily fox



I am working on another animal…Fox the trickster.
Again it’s a hand puppet, but the head is bigger than mine…I saw a post on Clive Hicks Jenkins blog where there were large puppets with people dressed in black holding various parts of the puppet, so I thought I would give it a try……this may be step too far at the moment for my level of experience/skill, but I will work on the head and see whether I will just keep it as a mask…..
The more that I find out about puppets and puppet making the more I want to try so many things… 🙂

Almost there …

I have had so much fun!
There has been double sided tape, model makers grass, broken jewelery ,broken Christmas ornaments and feather boas all pressed into use on my Queen. I could keep adding more, but I think I will stop now.she has been awkward to photograph, and is currently resting on a kitchen roll stuffed onto a wine bottle for balance. A small video may come in the new year after I have had folks around to help me….
I have still got to find some alternative rods….the ones I have used are plant sticks, they are ugly and are too obvious. I am thinking wire coat hangers might be useful, and a friend mentioned bicycle spokes, but there do not seem to be any wire coat hangars in the house, and I can’t cannibalise someone’s bike for a spoke, so the rods will have to wait.

This project has been great for me as I am currently recovering from a broken shoulder, my movement is restricted but I need to keep using my arm is gentle activity…puppet making has been perfect!
I will be stopping now as I need to organise my Christmas , but I will be sketching and gathering bits and pieces for my next attempt….. I hope everyone has a wonderful, creative and Merry Christmas 🙂