Almost there …

I have had so much fun!
There has been double sided tape, model makers grass, broken jewelery ,broken Christmas ornaments and feather boas all pressed into use on my Queen. I could keep adding more, but I think I will stop now.she has been awkward to photograph, and is currently resting on a kitchen roll stuffed onto a wine bottle for balance. A small video may come in the new year after I have had folks around to help me….
I have still got to find some alternative rods….the ones I have used are plant sticks, they are ugly and are too obvious. I am thinking wire coat hangers might be useful, and a friend mentioned bicycle spokes, but there do not seem to be any wire coat hangars in the house, and I can’t cannibalise someone’s bike for a spoke, so the rods will have to wait.

This project has been great for me as I am currently recovering from a broken shoulder, my movement is restricted but I need to keep using my arm is gentle activity…puppet making has been perfect!
I will be stopping now as I need to organise my Christmas , but I will be sketching and gathering bits and pieces for my next attempt….. I hope everyone has a wonderful, creative and Merry Christmas 🙂

Ideas,inspirations and a beginning


I found an interesting image on google of a Slavic ‘Childs’ costume representing winter, and I have used my puppet so far and drawn over it on my ipad…

Things I have learnt so far
Size matters, I think I next time I would make my puppet larger. Glove puppet size has made fabrics feel stiff and lumpy whereas they would flow more easily on a larger puppet.

I am concerned that I have made a doll and not a little character which is what I think puppets are. My puppet is stiff and lacks something…..

Limbs, get the proportions right.

Weight..I may be wrong, but my puppet is quite light, I am wondering if she were a little heavier it would give her more personality….
All this is fascinating, I am enjoying all the planning and ideas that are going into this little puppet.
And the last photo is my puppet so far. She will change a few times before she is finished I’m sure.