Now he looks angrier

Now he looks angrier


I have finished one wolf glove puppet. I have discovered that I like the way that my interaction with a glove puppet is more intimate, emotional than a marionette is….I like the close-up connection….fascinating

I glued fabric strands over the head for texture, decided against blank eyes and changed them for beads which give more depth to the gaze. His teeth are painted panel pins, and the thing I am most pleased with is his tatty neck fur ( also used to make his tail ) which is the canvas that I pulled the threads from to make the texture.
My smallest head is next…he is still going to be a glove puppet but I hope to give him a more human figure.

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  1. How splendid. Yes, that’s a good use of canvas with the threads pulled. And I like the repetition of red in mouth and ears, counterpointed by the mad yellow eyes.

    I would not want to be bitten by those teeth!

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