Creatures appearing out of nowhere , with their own tales to tell 🙂
I am aiming to get some sort of consistency in these works, to my eye they are so variable. This doesn’t worry me too much at the moment, but I would like to get together a body of work that would hang together visually . The toad, and the rabbit from my previous post have been the most satisfying , the feeling of being in control and engrossed in the work …. That’s what I love about art, how one can leave the world behind and just immerse oneself in the creative process…..

2 responses to “Creatures…..

  1. Wow, I can’t tell you how much I’m loving this series of recent paintings Lynne, they are so lively and full of magic and so confident, I’m in awe. You write about being engrossed in the work and that’s exactly what it looks like with these images; you look like you’re in the zone proper, bravo!

    • Thanks Phil , ‘in the zone’ is just how it feels , which is a little scary because I don’t want it to disappear at the moment, but I know from past experience if I hold on too hard I kill it …. Ahh the perils of being creative ‘eh 🙂

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