Second layer and eyes


Second layer of paper

Second layer of paper

Today’s layer has smoothed out some of the lumps and bumps, fattened up the ears and now there are eyes too.
The head is getting heavier but the snapping jaw still works well. The next problem I have is the hands, are they the puppeteers hands wearing gloves or the puppets own with limited movement……..
The puppeteer will need one hand to activate the jaw though. I wonder if I have once again made a ( very large) glove puppet… 🙂

Mr fox head with a bit more texture around the back, and in the first stages of painting. I have yet to find a way of making him work.(5.2.2014)

2 responses to “Second layer and eyes

    • Thank you ! Wouldn’t being a professional puppet maker be a wonderful job….. But no, I haven’t made a puppet since junior school although I have had a go at making a doll or two over the years,but not many.
      I must admit I am having a bit of a problem trying to work out how this puppets body will work, but that is part of what I am enjoying the most about this challenge…
      Thanks for visiting Zoe 🙂

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