Where it began


Here is an old photo of my first Brussels Griffon Bumble, sitting like a hairy Godzilla in the middle of our fairy village. We lived with our grandparents and my grandmother wanted a model village. These houses may well have been purchased from Woolworths, they were made from a grey rubbery material and spray painted to look like Cotswold stone. I was totally taken by these houses, I did notice that the doors and windows didn’t open and that the houses themselves were really fakes s bendy, but maybe the fairies wouldn’t ! We left flowers and food out for the fairy host that we were certain lived there, at night I would listen for activity, and in the dark of night I would stare out of the window to watch for movement , which I often did, because if you stare hard in the half light your eyes make shadows and lights …

Thinking so much about houses and their meaning for me has brought me back to this village. It was so exciting, full of potential and ultimately disappointing when I realised that the fairies weren’t as silly as I thought they were, they obviously found better housing somewhere else ( with doors that opened for instance ). All of this has fed into my work I now realise. I have a resistance to putting windows and doors onto my house shapes when I paint, one of those little hurdles we all come across in our work that are personal to us … Fascinating where it all comes from , what strange creatures we are 🙂

2 responses to “Where it began

  1. I like that hairy Godzilla! But I am a dog addict 🙂 I wish I hadn’t lost my childhood doll’s house and my doll’s pram – I’d love to draw them now. I made a small series of drawings of sad little dogs dressed up and lying in a pram but I just couldn’t remember the pram details so I was dissatisfied with the end result. Do you still have that rubber model village?

    • I am a huge dog addict… Our current dogs are the smooth version of the little fella in the photo, I am currently hinting that we need another one 🙂
      The rubber houses sadly went the way of all things rubbery, they almost powdered away . We had a very typical doll house when my sister and I were young, pressed tin windows and painted on Ivey. Red paper roof. That got given away tooooo many years ago to mention. I have made up for its loss though, and now own a small collection of houses, and have encouraged my husbands love of building them of course. I see another post coming… I will try and get some photos together of my houses 🙂

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