Houses on our minds

Here is a photo of my husbands latest creation. He doesn’t really consider them as dollhouses, the rooms lift out as containers/drawers for something, but the room are not set up to play with dolls in.

houses are figuring greatly in our lives, the paintings , the dollhouses and my mothers dementia. Mums house was sold when she went into care. It exists in her memory of course, and she roams around it mentally everyday, but the home / house itself no longer exists. My sister found that her house has been demolished and two new buildings have gone up in its place. Chilling. To think that it is no longer a place she can return to other than her memory ( and ours). There seems to be some sort of metaphor between my mothers closed off rooms, no longer for playing / living in, and my husbands latest creation, but honestly I find it too difficult to elaborate on…

love the dollshouse though. He is a very clever man πŸ™‚


4 responses to “Houses on our minds

  1. Wow! That is fabulous πŸ™‚ I love doll’s houses but what an excellent idea to make one that is actually real furniture for big people!

    Good to hear on the radio this morning about Lauren Child finally finishing her 30 year epic dolls house. Also, earlier in the week I heard Karen Griffiths interviewed about making miniature stuff for dolls houses – it seems that, in common with you, houses are on everyone’s mind!

    I love the paint finish on your husband’s house too…you’re a very talented couple.

    • Thanks Shellie, we both like dollhouses ( I will post photos of my derelict dollhouses some time πŸ™‚ ) but not for playing with, so having them as useful objects is pleasing. I’m sure our Grandaughter will use it as a dollshouse when she is older.
      Yes I listened to the radio interview too, it’s great to hear how it has fed/ run alongside her illustration work . You can see a short clip here . 30 years is more patience than I have though

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