These two paintings are still about my mothers Dementia. She has Lewey Bodies dementia, which means she has auditory and visual hallucinations . Currently she is seeing places she has lived overlapping the place she lives now. Which means she is constantly lost, and finds her way barred by objects that shouldn’t be there, her world is fractured and unfamiliar. I’m not trying to paint her experiences, just really offloading my emotions on to canvas…image


5 responses to “Home

  1. I’m sorry to hear your mother is suffering from this condition Lynne, it sounds very distressing. Being aware of what you’re going through alters my perception of these paintings a bit. But fractured as they are they are full of beauty for me as well, the layers of memory, and the sunshine that is there as well as the shadows. Best wishes. Phil

    • It’s always a problem to me whether I should give the background info on my reasons for a painting. The viewer doesn’t necessarily see what I see, feel what I feel and it can be off putting having a depressing subtext if its not how one has responded to it. I’m happy for people to enjoy the paintings purely instinctively and discover their own meanings, it’s the wonderful thing about art isn’t it 🙂

      • Yes, i identify with what you’re saying Lynne; after I started the blog and I went through a difficult period I wondered how much to include in the posts, or whether to make the blog purely about the work I was producing. I decided in the end, that I couldn’t completely separate the two, but that I’d try and find my way to a balanced approach, writing about major events that were effecting me, but leaving out the day to day stuff. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong way, whatever feels right. Thank you for sharing your work in this post, I absolutely loved those paintings!

  2. Beautiful work in it’s own right, Lynne, but also very moving because of the connection with your mother. It must be heartbreaking for you xx

    • Thank you . It’s not always gloomy, and there are good days, but yes, it is a difficult time for her and very sad. I’m pleased the paintings are not too depressing 🙂

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